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  • Immune Booster

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    This is an Ayurvedic Product Range with three different products cluster, and useful in immune boosting, This product is specially recommended for Cronic and Incurable Diseases, especially having very positive result in the treatment of HIV+, Cancer Patients, Sugar Patients of all Stages, Hepatitis, Corona related patients and so on.   This product is not saying that this is a treatment of above said diseases but useful to strong the immune system of Human body that they respond the treatment more positively than a normal treatment protocal, This product is only dedicated to boost the immune power of body, every organ have aging related effect due to old age or due to cronic and incurable diseases.

    If you are a Positive or Negative or Neutral Patient then you are advised to use this product, this product is an Ayurvedic Mixture of Indeginous Herbs and having no Side effect.

    This Clustered Product is for One month Positive patients are advised to use this combination for minimum 2 months and maximum 4 months.


    1. M-Pratham – 03 Gram in Morning

    2. M-Dwitiya – 03 Gram in Lunch Hours

    3. Kayastha – 03 Gram in Night Take this powder with luke warm water before Breakfast, lunch and Dinner or after one hour of Breakfast, lunch and Dinner


    Abstinence(Dietary Restriction)- Use of Alchohal, Nov-veg, Garam Masala(Hard Spieces), Smoking, Sour and other harmful fooding .



    1. M-Pratham (100 Grams)
    2. M-Dwitiya (100 Grams)
    3. Kayastha (100 Grams)
    5,100.00 4,999.00